For the people who are lost in this world. Swayed by relationships, work, society. My page is for the people who are hurt, lost, depressed, to get back on track of life.

I’m a doctor in healthcare field, which has nothing to do with what I’m doing in this blog. I’ve got into some major depressions and problems in my life which once got me to a phase where I was making plans on suicide. I knew I was in deep trouble, but I didn’t seek help, I don’t know why. Then I found someone who mentored me through hardships, I started looking at the world differently, and I’m running this blog to help people what strategies I used.

I read a lot of books, I like to read books on a lot of diversities, psychology, self development, economy, finance, health etc (also its what one of my mentors taught me to do). What I’ve noticed throughout in reading these books is that the knowledge in each books makes me stronger mentally and physically. I think of these knowledges as some sort of techniques, or tools to help us get through our lives. I introduce different types of these knowledge in this blog. I hope this makes your life easier too.