Gap between Expectations and Reality

When we fail something, we go through hardship, mentally and sometimes physically. Why? because we expect certain outcomes. When we have a set goal, and we plan and put effort in it, we subconsciously grow expectations in ourselves. We get disappointed and depressed when results don’t come out as expected. The important thing to remember here is, the bigger the gap between the expectation and reality, the bigger the disappointment.

A lot of university graduates go through hard times when they start working because their reality don’t match their expectations. It’s because university courses are typically very long, and takes years of efforts to graduate.

So should we stop preparing or planning?

I don’t mean you should stop preparing and planning, but stop expecting too much from what you do. For example, university graduates, university is hard, but there are so many people who graduated university in this world, your not the only one, its not a special thing. Lower your expectations. Its you who will get damaged mentally when things don’t work out well, not anyone else. It’s a self-made disappointment.

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